PC & Network Setup

When you purchase new PC, you will require the data from your old PC to be transferred over. There are many factors involved to assure a smooth migration – from installing your old software programs over to your new system to having emails transferred over to your new PC.

We will help you setting up new users on your company network, home office or residence. Whether you need an entire network designed and installed or a single PC replaced or added, we will support your needs to the fullest.

We will come directly to your office or residence to troubleshoot your problem. If you are able to re-create it, we will be able to fix and and/or offer you a suggestion on how to solve it. If you are in need of a new PC or upgrade, we will help you out with this.

Your PC might just need to be cleaned out or upgraded with more drive space or memory. We will let you know your options and provide you with a quote what will suite your needs.

Some users might not be computer savvy but wish they were. We are able to provide 1-1 lessons or lessons with small groups. If you would like training on how to use email, the Internet, Microsoft Office programs or just a broad understanding of how your office or residential networks work, we can help you out.